MONCLER 22 autumn and winter new down jacket


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22 styles of hooded down jackets for men and women are ordered from trading company channels, the official website counters are selling series, the industry’s exclusive debut, the most sought-after and popular series in the M family’s classic main line, the same style for men and women, classic urban leisure fashion, versatile and simple style, couples Stand-up collar down jacket! It can be said to be a must-have in winter, with a new design style, a design that subverts cognition, an iconic brand logo, a new dust-proof fabric, mildly waterproof, casually wear a sweater or sweater, the upper body is super warm and super fashionable, 90 velvet filling . It is especially easy to match. The concave shape in winter is naturally indispensable for such high-end configuration, and its wearing magic is very powerful. Basically, all types are easy to control, and the loose version configuration will not be bloated and uncomfortable. The new style and tonality are more outstanding and outstanding, and the charm of wearing is naturally more advanced, more brilliant and thinner, but without losing the temperature, whether it is worn outside or inside, I believe this Both are perfect! Moncler/Mengkou autumn and winter men’s wear is new, Violier Marvel’s spider web quilted hooded down jacket, the most valued style. Another evergreen model, a big hit. 90 down filling ensures the down jacket’s fluffy feeling and warmth. Yuhuang deserves it. A must-have style, recommended against the wall.